Friday, April 13, 2012

Cheap-O date

This date was something unplanned. While cleaning out our bedroom I found a gift card to Mulligan's Golf  that I must of purchased during summer vacation from 2011. I know- I need to clean out my room more often. Anyways the gift card was still valid until the end of the month. So we couldn't just let it go to waste. My mom watched our 2 little girls and Mike and I headed for a game of mini- golf. So this part of the date cos us $0. 
 What to know 1 of the many reasons why I love my husband? When we arrive at Mulligan's the weather was cloudy, windy, and just had that chill that rain is coming. So our gift card was for $25 and a game for 2 cost $11. So instead of playing 2 games in this weather we paid for the couple behind us. I appreciate that he values random acts of service as much as I do.

After golfing (which he totally beat me at) we headed to Burger King and used those great coupons from the mail. So a meal for 2 cost us $4.50. Pretty good!

But our big spender was at the D.I.- this seems unlikely but while looking around we seen these 2 movies.
Faith Like Potatoes and Gordon B. Hinckley- A Giant Among Men. These 2 movies run about $10 each used with shipping. But to find them both for $5 each- HAPPY DAY!
So if it wasn't for the 2 movies our date would have been under $5 but I'm not complaining. :-)

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