Monday, April 30, 2012

It's Not You; It's Me

This is a hard post to write but I want to remember the day when I told Mike that he was right. Hahaha :-)

What was Mike right about?

A couple of weeks ago Mike picked up some Krisy Kreme's for mostly me but he sacrificed his celiac and ate some too. And then it happened....

He was fine and I got sick.

Mike hasn't eaten gluten for more than 6 months and he was still having skin issues. After all the gluten free stuff in our house his hands still looked awful. So he's been using lotion every day and wrapping his hands at night and within a few days his hands were healed. So most likely it was ezcema.

As for me- I haven't eaten gluten for around 4 months.  I would eat something here or there but never a big helping since I was so concern that I would infect Mike or Ducati. But after those donuts the truth was revealed. I most likely have the gluten intolerance not Mike. Ducati's Celiac is genetic. So it's either Mike or me; there's no getting around that one. So after a few donuts I was bent over in pain, crying because I thought my stomach was going to explode. After about 24 hours later I felt better. But I thought it was a fluke so I wanted to test the theory again. [Yeah I know...what can I say- I'm one of those people :-)]

I was making the kids pancakes for breakfast last week and ran out of GF ingredients. So I grabbed the open box of pancake mix that's been sitting in the back of my cabinet for months now to make just a few. So I took this opportunity to test out the gluten theory and ate 1 pancake. Just 1! And I was sick all over again.

Mike took care of me and tried to shake me out of denial that Ducati must of gotten the gluten intolerance from me. Then everything came flooding back to me. As a kid I would scratch my legs until they bleed. And I even still do that to where Mike will grab my hands in attempts to stop me from scratching. I remember being so tired sometimes that I can't stay awake for the life of me. I remember having close calls of falling asleep behind the wheel. I can recall dozens of things from my research for Ducati that apply to me. Weight, fatigue, digestion issues, skin rashes, etc.

I know this seems simple but it's hard to accept. But it doesn't surprise me since my family health history isn't pretty. Diabetes, heart disease, lung issues, so why not add onto some intestine issues.

But once we get insurance from Mike's new job I really want to find out officially if I have this Celiac disease. So right now Mike is right. It's not him; It's me.
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