Saturday, December 22, 2012

Ward Christmas Party

This ward has amazing people. Over the year we've been in this ward we've met so many kind, caring, and friendly people that Mike and I feel so blessed to know them. 

So when this years Christmas party was coming up we were all excited. 
I even put it on the calendar as our activity for the day. However the party was on a scale of 1-10 was a 3. 
My kids enjoyed themselves. 
A couple from our ward dressed as Santa and Mrs. Clause and passed out treats to all the kids. 
This is why I give it 3. 
This opened a very confusing door for our kids. If Santa wasn't real why is he in the stake gym. GRRRR!!!!! We've avoided him all month and here he is right in the gym.
 Here's my kids trying to break into their bags of candy. Not the best timing to try to take their pictures.Oh well.....I tried :-)

 I'm don't recall what Ducati is doing but her laugh is so cute so I wanted to post this photo.
 And all the Primary kids were in the party program. It was another reason why I gave it a 3. I love to hear kids singing. Between their innocent spirits and their sweet voices I break into tears in about 4 seconds. However they learned a new song the week before so most had no idea what to sing so all you could hear was the adults and the piano playing.

Mike and I agree at least the company was great. That gives it an 8 of 10. 
**** my opinion only so please don't get offended :)
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