Friday, December 14, 2012

Hailey turned 7

This year Hailey's birthday was alittle tricky.Her birthday is on a Friday so that means she'd be going to her other dad's house. Plus she didn't want to play hookie (plus she couldn't...not in the same week as Ducati) so all we would have is the morning to celebrate. So we did a 1/2 and 1/2 birthday for her.
Thursday night we started the celebration.
All she wanted for her birthday was a matching outfit for her and her doll. (Thanks to those American Girl catalogs that come in the mail) However those outfits cost around $60 for the girl and doll dresses. Way too much for me! So I called upon a friend to help me. She's the best seamstress I know so I figured if she could help me out it might save me some money if I made the outfits myself. Thankfully she helped me out ALOT! 
( I finally semi-learned how to read a pattern)
Anyways Hailey loved her matching nightgowns. They were actually dresses but since the length was so long she thought they were nightgowns. I'm not one to argue with the birthday girl. :)
 And for her meal she wanted a feast. She's been telling me recipes for months now of what she wants for her birthday feast. So I whipped up a few quick meals that everyone enjoyed.
 After everyone was stuffed we had to make room for one treat. Cheesecake birthday bites. Yummo!

 I love these moments where they blow out their candles. It just makes the added year come to life since it's official. 7 candles! I know.... I'll get back on track :)
 Hailey was so happy for these cheesecake bites. This is one thing she really wanted for her birthday.
 Earlier in the day I took her to Redbox to pick out a movie for her activity per her request.

 After movie every and all went to bed. Mike went to work. And I put up decorations for her real day. In the morning the girls gave her the gifts they picked out for her. As you can see they wrapped her gifts up in newspaper. I love it! It adds a sense of character to it.

And for Hailey's birthday gift she took in pixie sticks for her class. But the real thing she wanted was for me to come eat lunch with her at school. So a friend of mine took my 2 littler ones for an hour.

But to add alittle more celebration for her big day Lily, Cati, and I put her lunch in a box and wrapped it up so it looked like a present. So fun to watch her unwrap her birthday lunch :)
 While eating lunch I was able to meet alot of her sweet friends. Most I already knew from church but it's always nice to see them out of their church clothes and more kid-like.
After lunch we went outside for recess where she showed me some of her awesome playground tricks.

After this I picked up our girls. Waited for school to let out and dropped her off at her other dad's where I'm sure she was spoiled even more.

Some fun facts about Hailey:

sunny side eggs with toast, date night, tumbling, reading, painting her nails, hiking, writing in her journal, the color pink, and she wants to be a dance teacher when she grows up.

tomatoes, ponytails, losing things, being sick, not holding the remote

Happy Birthday to my sweet Angel Hailey.
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