Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I'm Three!

After getting somewhat sentimental today knowing that my baby is 3 years old I had to pull it together. 
When Ducati woke up she was so happy to know that her birthday had finally came. She's been getting so excited counting down the days on our calendar.
 She loved the balloons everywhere but she loved her present more.
 Here she is showing off her"3". We've been practicing her finger placements for a couple of weeks now.
 After Mike went off to work Mason and Hailey were debating if they should play hookie from school. It's been a long time tradition that everyone play hookie from their work/school on someone's birthday. Hailey was good for some birthday fun. However Mason wanted to go to school to pick up his books that were on hold. He's so responsible. :-)
Anyways as I was getting the girls ready for a day at the zoo Mike called me and told me he was coming home since he was feeling sick. So I waited to see what was the matter.
Turns out migraine with sinus issues. So after cooking him up an essential oil cocktail with some migraine medicine he was feeling up to coming with us.
 Here's a whole bunch of photos from Ducati's birthday zoo adventure.
 She was convinced that every animal was telling her Happy Birthday.

 On a side note we love going to the zoo in the winter. No people so no lines and the animals are so much more playful.
 Like these otters that just kept swimming by the glass.

 Ducati loved their show
 The Polar Bear was swimming laps in his habitat
 When we went around to the other side we seen him up close and personal. See Ducati's face!
 Lily and Hailey loved it! I love Lily's facial expression. I recorded a video of my girls with the bear. It's stinking adorable.
A photo of 2 awesome parents!
 Having snack time with a grizzly bear. Yeah- it was pretty cool! He ( I have no idea the gender of the animals but I call all animals he so just go with it) just came up to the window and sat down. Starred at our girls for a moment and started eating his food. Ducati liked that he eats carrots and celery just like her.
 Goofy girl moment!

 Now back to our zoo adventure. Lily was so HAPPY when she seen his barn yard owl. She just couldn't stop laughing. See her smile. But I love Mike's smile in the back. He's so getting a kick out of Lily's enjoyment from this owl.
 More animals telling Cati, "Happy Birthday!"

 This one was either giving Mike a HI-5 or trying to scratch his arm off.

 Yummy snow.

 Our girls chasing this poor peacock.
 And still chasing it....
 and chasing it still
 Oops now a chicken got in their view. At least it gave that poor peacock a break from our girls.
 Our Ducati really loved her visit to the zoo.

 And her sisters loved that they could tag along.
 After our time at the zoo we came home so the birthday girl could take a nap. Mike took more med's, Lily took a nap was well, and Hailey and I hung out and read a little while we waited.
When school was out we picked up Mason and went to see a movie.
 Rise of the Guardians.
 As for the movie- it's such a great movie! It's for sure one we'll be adding to our movie collection when it comes out.

But after the movie everyone was hungry so we hurried home to have some GF pizza and cake. We mostly had to hurry since Mike had to head to work. But I doubt Ducati minded. She had such a fun filled day. When it came time to make a wish I wonder what else she could wish for.
 But she must of thought of something good since she blew out her candles.
 I bet I could figure it out. After all she's 3.

Side Mommy Note: I truly love this little girl. She has such a sweet spirit to her that brings a smile to anyone she meets. Her kindness is infectious. Her laughter is contagious. And her cuddles are essential to our daily living. She's growing up to be such a wonderful young lady. And I can't wait....well I actually can wait (*sort of)....to see more of her character grow into the daughter of God that she's meant to be. 

To finish off this post I have a few Ducati facts:

*cuddles *candy *church *roaring like a dragon *bath time *any and all music *the color pink *chocolate soymilk *reading books

*tickles *church shoes *avocados *being sticky *getting wet *messy hair *showers 
*gloves *flushing *toothpaste

What she wants to be when she grows up is a Kitty Cat.
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