Monday, December 31, 2012

New Years Eve Sledding

Mike has to go back to work tomorrow so we had to squeeze in a few activities before he got busy again. And one of them was sledding! :-)

 I about had a heart attack when I seen that Mike let go of Ducati. But I had to control my anxiety since she was having so much fun. Look at her face. :-) She's loving it!
 My proof photo that I was there. :)

 We all enjoyed the sledding today. But when Ducati seen the swings she lost all desire to sled. She just wanted to swing. 

 Which Lily soon followed.
 Mike on the other hand was so funny. He would purposely crash under the girls so they could still get is attention. Ducati is trying to kick Mike with her boot.
When the girls started to cry it was our que to leave. Mason was so kind to pull them to our van. He's such a great big brother.
Hailey during this all was sledding down each side of the hill then after she was done she went jumping in the snow like a dog. Literally on all 4's jumping into snow piles. That girl is so funny I have no idea what gave her that idea. :-)
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