Saturday, December 8, 2012

Lowe's Build and Grow

I love home improvement stores. I jump on any opportunity to go with Mike to Home Depot or Lowe's. He smiles when Lily reminds him that Home Depot is mommy's favorite store. :-)

So I wanted to take my girls to one of these kids workshops to hopefully share with them my love obsession. And just by chance Lowe's was having their Build and Grow (register here) kids workshop in 2 weeks.

I was more excite then they were. But oh well.... 
However everything changed when they seen what they were going to be doing. 
Plus since this was Lily and Cati's first time they received a free Lowe's apron and a pair of safety goggles. 
 They were so excited!

 Today's kit was a gingerbread house. It had pre-drilled holes already with picture instructions so kids can "read" the instructions themselves.
 I gave a very small hand to my girls since remember....I'm stepping back and not allowing my OCD to intervene.
 It took them about 40 minutes to complete their house but look at those smiles of accomplishment.

 These are their houses. Crooked nails and all :)

They were so proud of themselves. And this mom was so happy to have shared this experience with them. 
Lily's showing off how the roof of the house opens up so she can put her treasures in there like cookies or Christmas candy. :-)

Later in the afternoon when Mike came home from work these 2 girls ran as fast as they could to their room to get their houses to show him. After a good look Mike expressed to me that he was so proud of his 2 girls and he can't wait to do more projects with them. 
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