Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Light Date

With Mike working and me holding up the home front we have neglected the most important things EVER- Date night!

With the help of my friends in the babysitting co-op I was able to arrange a date night around Mike's work schedule. My idea was since he works at Temple Square we'd drive down a few hours before his shift and walk around to see the lights on Temple Square....ALONE!
Best date ever! Mostly since I was in great company :)

 After freezing alittle we decided to take a tour of the conference center. Mike has been to parts in the conference center that I've never had the time or patience to take all my kiddos too. So this was exciting to do this together. He (and the guide) showed me all the artwork, the painting inspired from the Book of Mormon, sculptors, statues, (<--- I loved this all since I'm an art junkie) and the Hall of Prophets and Apostles. That was amazing to see all those painting. However the best part of the tour was the trip up to the roof. Amazing view. I really wish I had a better camera other than my iPod since this photo doesn't to any justice of the breathtaking view we seen.
 We could see all the Christmas lights which were beautiful. But the best view was of the Salt Lake Temple. It was absolutely majestic.
 But nothing beats having this man by my side tonight.

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