Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Temple Square Lights

We love going down to the Salt Lake Temple during the Christmas season. It just brings a certain  indescribable joy to ones' heart. 
Well....at least that's what I heard from others. hahaha....bad joke :)

Mike had a work meeting one night so we meet him at the temple and had a great family evening. 
 The audio was broken this night at the Nativity but our kids know the story by heart that they said the entire story to each other. It was a proud momma moment!
 But before we continued on with our light adventure Mike wanted to show our kids where he works. So we went to the Church History Museum to look around.

See the fabulous carpet that he cleans. :)
 Kids playing with some interactive exhibit. I have no clue what it's called but it's entertaining.

 Fun for all ages :)

 Next stop the children's corner of the museum.

 While our kids played Mike was giving me the inside scoop of how things are done.
 Our girls were making the poster missionaries a fine meal; complete with mashed carrots, lettuce with corn in it, eggs with lemon and I think water to drink.
 Mike went off to play as well. He sees this awesome toys everyday but can't play with them. So he's taking advantage of the time that he's off the clock.
 I had no idea that the plates contained this message.
"I ♥ Angie".

 After walking around for a few more minutes, losing Lily on the escalator, and meeting a few of Mike's co-workers we went back to see the lights.
 I have no clue on how to adjust my camera to take in the lights without the streams of lights. But I really don't care. It looks sort of cool, like Tron-ish, with all those lights around Hailey.
 And Yes it is a water fountain. I don't think the water is on but doesn't it look so pretty glowing from all the lights.

Another pit stop. Mike wanted to show me this model Temple that's inside the shell water fountain visitors center. And Yes- Lily's in the stroller for a timeout!
 So while Mike and I were looking at this model that allows you to see every room inside the temple
 Ducati was looking outside at the real Temple.

 With all our pit stops we didn't get a chance to see everything before our kids started showing the signs of  bedtime.

But that's alright. Look at that view. A nice photo to remind myself of what Christmas is all about. Heavenly Father and his son, Jesus Christ. And it's OK to add a few sparkles as long as I don't lose focus at what I'm looking at. :)

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