Sunday, December 23, 2012

Kids Gifts

Each year we've had our kids pull names so they only had to make 1 person a gift. However this year they didn't like that idea. Each person wanted to make everybody a gift. After talking with Mike about what the kids wanted we agreed on a small budget for all 4 kids- $10! May not seem like much but with homemade gifts it doesn't take much. 

Everyone made their gifts and wrapped them. However they were sitting under the tree for about a week when our kids started getting the "gift itch". The shaking, poking, smelling, etc just won't stop so after church we allowed them to open the gifts they got for everyone. 

 Lily's hugging the snowglobe Cati made her. She's been wanting me to buy her one every time she's seen them at the store. So when she seen this she screamed alittle.
 Lily gave Ducati a box of pink balloons. She loved it! I mean LOVED IT!!!!
 The photo shows it all :)

Hailey and Mason were busy playing with their gifts so I only captured blurry photos. :(
However Mason loved the dino terrarium that Lily made him. He also got himself a snake laser pointer and a dino pencil holder.

Hailey- she loved her jewelry box that Lily painted her. She put her earring it in ASAP. She also liked the Hello Kitty candy Ducati gave her. And she enjoyed eating the chocolate Mason gave her.

Lily- besides the snow globe her siblings gave her a purple hot wheels car and backpack with wheels on it. She's been admiring the neighbor kids from carpool each time we pick her up. So now she has her own :)

Ducati she loved her balloons so much that she forgot about her other kid gifts. When she got around to them she loved that Mason gave her a huge lollipop and Hailey gave her a new crown.
 But my silly mind forgot that I wrapped Mike's gift the night before since it was his last night working until after Christmas. And with the excitement of our kids opening their gifts they handed Mike his gift from ME! So he was really happy when he seen his new car stereo. He was slightly giggling. :-)

But I think our kids gave it to him due to the fact Hailey and I collaborated on this gift. I got the stereo and she made him a CD with tons of free music from Amazon. So her CD was the first thing played on his new system.

And I just want to take a moment to pat myself on my back. Mike and I gave eachother a budget of $20 eachother. We usually make alot of our gifts so this gets stretched pretty far. But I wanted to get him something he really wanted. So I was searching Amazon like a hound dog and then I seen it. A $280 stereo was on a lightening deal for $35! (*gasp) And I had saved for weeks all my Amazon credits which paid off. I had $15 in Amazon credits and my $20 I was able to get him a super nice stereo with all those gadgets and hook ups. He loves it!
And for me- my kids gave me paper plates! Most people laughed when I told them what I wanted for Christmas. :-) But I didn't want to do dishes during Christmas break. I wanted a break from something so I could catch up on my cleaning and organizing. And I was a happy camper! I haven't done dishes in 10 days! Besides my pans and blender I've been loving it! 

Our family loved this whimsical gift opening night. It might be something we do next year. We'll see if I remember....hahaha :-)
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