Friday, December 7, 2012

Advent Activites

Our kids have been loving this Christmas countdown calendar. 
A few things we've done so far are read several books. So far my favorite Christmas gifts, Christmas Blessings from President Monson. It had me crying the entire story. 

We've drove around and seen Christmas lights, received new Christmas coloring books, decorated cookies, and make foam snowflake ornaments for our tree. 

This is what my table looked like. GF chocolate chip cookies with snow (powder sugar), snowman buttons (mini chocolate chips) snowflake frosting (blue frosting with a decorative tip) and red sparkly sprinkles. 
 Ducati is showing off her creation. Hailey must be in the zone.
 Lily loved making her "snowman" cookies.
After a dozen cookies, empty topping cups, and a few belly aches they thanked me for a great activity and put themselves to bed. :)
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