Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Les Miserable

One of my Christmas gifts from Mike were 2 tickets to see Les Miserables. I was so excited!
I have loved this play since I was a teenager. I've missed out on seeing it live but that's OK movies and Broadway recordings are just as great.  :-)

I didn't take a picture of Mike and I at the theater. I was too cold for an outside picture and I forgot to take an inside photo due to my excitement.

How was the movie?

Mixed feelings.
Mike says he hated it. Hugh Jackman can't sing so each time he opened his mouth Mike would cringe. And he hated the fact the entire movie was sung. The last one with Uma there was some spoken word so he was able to understand it more.

Me on the other hand- LOVED IT!!!! Yes the entire movie is sung. But it's so beautifully done. The director of this movie did something different with the cast. Instead of the actors going into a studio to sing their parts then lip-syncing it during the movie. The director had the actors singing live into the movie and the orchestra was playing in other room to match the actors tone. It really was able to capture alot more emotion this way. I cried several times during the movie.

Either way if Les Mis is a love/hate relationship it was nice to know that Mike would sit with me during a musical. It was a very sweet gift.
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