Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Morning

 The night before we told everyone that whoever was the first one up had to wake everyone up. So Ducati and Lily were up at 5:45am. So that meant so was everyone else.
 Mike handed out gifts while I took pictures. From time to time I'd catch Mike's eye and we both had a smile on our face. Our kids were enjoying themselves.
 Haily is admiring her Fijit, Mason's reading the box to his new DS game, and Lily is still trying to unwrap her hula hoop. :-)
 Ducati is singing along with her Princess Aurora doll.
 After the tree was empty everyone moved onto stockings. These babies were filled. With all the free stuff I was able to get they had ton of things inside from soaps, watches, jewelry, bubble wands, and of course a few candies that Mike picked up for them.
 My parents came over as well for alittle bit. My kids loved the visit with grandma and papa more than their gifts I think. Our kiddos got some gift cards and craft kits. They loved it! What can I say? Our kids love to craft and create. :-)

 After my parents  left Mike and I hurried to get out kids ready for the rest of the day. Here's Lily being Santa during bath time.

Mason and Hailey were going to their other dad's this afternoon. So after he was done packing he sat and played his new game for a little while. 
And after our littles were bathed and dressed Mike opened up a gift we gave to our family. A drawsome tablet for our Wii.  
You can color, paint or draw onto the tablet according to the video game. So here Cati was drawing a butterfly. She loved it!
After playing around for alittle bit we had to head off to start our part 2 of Christmas. :-)
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