Saturday, November 24, 2012

Adventure with Grandma

Our plans for today ended up falling through so I had to think of something to do with my 4 kiddos. After partying like an old rockstar I was beat so I called my mom for some ideas. She said to just come down to her and she'll plan something fun. So after getting ready in record time (15 minutes) we headed down to her house.

We started the day at Garner's Village.
 Again....Lily won't look at my camera.
Ducati was excited to be here. 
Side Note: Ducati is almost 3 years old and this Christmas she's really getting into everything. Perhaps it's due to her being old enough now. But the lights, trees, ornaments, and Santa
 ( I've had to have the talk a couple of times about him). But it's truly amazing to see the joy of Christmas on her little face. There's no words to describe it.

 Anyways back to my mom being silly for my kiddos.

 Would have been a great photo if my kids would look at me. One day they will :)
 Ducati's look after 3 attempts so I gave up. Oh well.....these are my kids:)
 Mason and Lily enjoying a drink at a local cafe/bakery. The bakery we went to for the drinks had nothing GF which was surprising since most places try to accommodate.  So Cati, Hailey, and I just grabbed a drink from the stores cooler.  Cati and I are use to this sort of rejection. Hailey being the newest gluten free person in our family isn't use to this yet. So after we left this bakery we walked around and found a bakery that sold gluten free cookies. Everyone had smiles again as you can see on Ducati's face. Hailey was busy eating her cookies on the other side of Mason.
Next a  not-so-quick stop to a candy shop. My mom said my kids could pick out 1 candy. I've never seen my kids stress over which candy they should pick. 

 After this we headed to our next adventure- the movie theaters. We seen Wreck- It Ralph.
photo source

I was alittle skeptical since the movie is all about video games. But this movie was really nice. It was kid friendly, no crude adult humor, easy for our little ones to follow along, and great story line.
So even though our original plans fell through we all still had a great time thanks to grandma's help. :)

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