Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Ducati's haircut

Ducati's going on 3 years old and in that time span I've never taken her to get a haircut. Her hair is so thin and brittle that she never really needed a haircut. I've trimmed her bangs but that's all she's ever needed. 
Until two days ago....

Ducati found Mason's school scissors and made the choice to cut her hair. She cut a few strands here and there but then she cut her entire right side of her head,by her temple, so short it looked bald. All I could think of was how to cover it. A simple comb over and a head band and it should be ok until her hair grows back. 

But it was just looking so funky no matter what I did that I just threw up my hands. 

Luckily my new neighbor is a hair stylist and when I told her what happened she came over the next day to check it out.  She told me 2 options that would help. Try to cover it or start over. 
Mike and I agreed to start over. 

Next morning I took Cati over to her house and here she is...

 It's so short but you know what Ducati has the face to pull off super short hair.

 See....she's just so stinkin' cute!
 She's showing off for my camera.

I'm really loving the fact that my neighbor is a hair stylist. Next time something happens like this (I'll cross my fingers that there won't be a next time...but with kids there might be) that I can just go to her. PLUS she's so affordable. Most salons charge $11 for a kids cut and $13 for adults. She charged me $5! Mike's going to start going to her since he needs a more clean looking haircut due to working for the church. (He actually got spoken too that his hair is too long ):  )

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