Monday, November 5, 2012

Daddy's Date

This Saturday our plans for a family date fell through due to me getting an ear infection and pink eye.
So Mike again jumped in and took Lily out on a special Daddy Daughter Date.

They went to the local discount theater and seen the movie Brave.
Since they got their 20 minutes early due to me reading the wrong time they had a chance to get some treats.

According to Lily she ate too much popcorn but it was "SO YUMMY!"
That little girl is too cute. But she had so much fun knowing that she's old enough to go on Daddy dates.

* As for me and Ducati. We had an at home movie night. Big bowl of popcorn, some leftover trick or treating candy, and a Rainbow Brit from Netflix. It was really sweet to watch her laughing at a show I remember as a kid.
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