Saturday, November 10, 2012

Family Snow Date

The first major snow fall is an exciting date.

It snowed for almost 24 hours. The clouds might have had a small break but no longer than an hour or two before it started up again.

To me this brought a certain anxiety due to Mike and I having to drive.
To our kids it brought overwhelming joy.

So I had to change my thought process and find a way to celebrate this joyous occasion.
What better way than a family snow date.
First on our family date was a friendly snowball fight.

 Well Mason and I had a snowball fight. Lily wanted to dig in the snow. That's one thing that doesn't surprise me- she loves to dig!

Hailey was digging a trail. Ducati was just trying to walk in the snow. Since she's so little the snow went up to her bottom so this caused her to fall quite a few times.

As this picture can show she's already exhausted

 Hailey had to make her famous Snow Angels.

And Mason getting ready to throw this snowball at me.

Thankfully he missed or I would have had another broken camera.

Silly guy. Trying to catch snowflakes on his tongue.

After playing so long in the snow that our fingers and toes were burning I made us a big pot of hot chocolate. And I had stew in the crock-pot so all was ready to warm us up.

Afterwards we sat down, cuddled under our warm blankets, munched on some popcorn and enjoyed this snowy Redbox movie.
photo source

It was a nice family date. Nothing too big but just enough to keep our family bonds tight together.

PS this is one adorable family movie. Not to spoil it but Arthur is Santa's 2nd son. (Sort of the goofy ball) And his older brother is suppose to be next in line to be Santa until 1 gift gets overlooked on Christmas night. And it's very entertaining to watch who cares about the spirit of Christmas and who really cares about the gifts at Christmas. It was a nice conversation opener for us to talk about Christmas with our kids. And remind them what the really mean of Christmas is all about.
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