Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Mike's-giving!

I've known this could happen. With Mike and Lily's birthday being so close to Thanksgiving there's a chance it would land on this holiday every once and a while. And today it happened. So....

Happy Mikes-giving everyone!

Our kids were excite to be able to celebrate with us Mikes-giving.  After setting up everything in our living room the kids went and woke up Mike. After that they all ran into our living room to hide so they could yell, "Happy Birthday" to him once again.

Silly kids :)

 Mike's soda cake. Easy enough to make (soda and hot glue). Along with his birthday cards, gifts, and a few Redbox movies that he wanted. When I asked him what he wanted to do for his birthday he said, "Nothing!" So I took that as he just wanted to rest and relax :)

Our kids were so excite to hand Mike his gifts. Ducati instructed him to just rip the paper.

 Our cute kids!
 A watch that Mike really wanted. It looks like a black bracelet but those small silver buttons light up the LED lights inside just for a few seconds to show the time. China sure knows how to make awesome techy gifts.

And my gift for him. With Mike's birthday on Thanksgiving I wanted to share with him why I'm so thankful for him. But I wanted to take it a step further. Why others were too? So I sent out about 100 emails, give or take, asking for memories of Mike. About lessons he helped teach, advice that he had given, service he might have helped out with, or just a special story that this person shared with my hubby. And I got back 11 stories! Hey it's better than the 3 from before. 

 He really liked reading all these notes. Personally I think it touched him to know that these 11
(1 note is from me) value him the same as I do. Some notes were from family, old friends, families he home teached, or old co workers. Not everyone wrote me back but those 11 people's note really touched his heart. So I guess there wasn't a need for anymore. Plus something amazing/unusual happened to him. He made more family call him to wish him Happy Birthday than ever before. He might get a few family members calling him to wish him a Happy Birthday  But today the phone kept ringing  non stop that we could barely watch our movie. Such a great sight to see :)

But since today's still Thanksgiving I made a traditional Thanksgiving meal. Turkey, potatoes, carrots, rolls, and tons of pies. So by the time cake came around everyone was sleepy and stuffed. But who doesn't have room for a small bite of carrot cake.
At the end of the day Mike told me that he felt so happy today. He felt remembered and special. This is a big thing for him. And as for what he wished for.....he won't tell me. But I bet it's a good one.  :-)

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