Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Trick or Treat!

This morning when Ducati woke up she told me,"Mommy, Happy Trick or Treat!"
With all the preparations for today my kids were excited all day.

Lily and Cati were in their costumes all day. Visiting teaching, Costco, Smith's, and post office. All the while dressed in their costumes.
So after I dropped off Mason and Hailey to their other dad's my girls and I came home to eat dinner.
I never seen them eat so fast. Dinner was simply potato stew but still. They ate so fast I had to find reasons to stall to at least 6pm.

After that I gave in and we started trick-or-treating.

At 6pm most families are sitting down for dinner or just getting home from work. So perfect timing for 2 little girls to be knocking.
 At first Lily and Cati would just stand on the doorstep and yell, "Trick or Treat", but soon realized that no one would answer.
 But then they would knock and forget to say, "trick or treat". So it took them about a block to get the hang of it. But they absolutely loved it. They especially loved the house with spooky Halloween decorations.

The families in these houses know us so they had special gluten free regular size candy for Cati. As she walked away I heard her tell herself, "Yes!" So cute.
 And to be honest this neighborhood doesn't get that many kids. So each and every house the adult told my kids to take 3,4, or 5 candies. So their buckets filled up fast.

 This house gave them big bags of cookies. Lily loved it!
 I could not keep up. They would just run and run to each house. I didn't mind since I knew this adrenaline would soon wear off.
 Ducati walked right on top of this lawn and said, "Eek. Gross!" Eek is her new favorite Halloween word.
 A friend in the neighborhood made this in their yard. Pretty awesome! Puts my wreath to shame.
 I think because they know these people they felt comfortable to sit and take a break on their front porch. It was so funny! I couldn't help but laugh while taking this photo.
 My girls kept their steam well into the night.
Even though this night is mostly for kids I couldn't pass up this pumpkin display. Last year we stumbled onto the most amazing pumpkin carving display EVER! 
 The people who live here are truly talented. The man said he added 29 new pumpkins this year. 29!
 My girls loved it! You can sort of see Ducati in this photo. She's staring at a kitty pumpkin.
 And I was completely impressed with this one. The details...oh my goodness!
 Anyways by this time my girls were exhausted. So we walked the rest of the block then back tracked through a trail to get back home.

I am not one to walk to trail at night. But I prayed about it and felt I needed to. So we did! The entire time Lily kept saying, "I can't see anything in front of me. ", "It's too spooky", and "It's too dark."

Meanwhile I'm trying to convince her that we'll be safe and point to our porch light. But in my mind I thinking about goblins, monsters, zombies, etc. I laugh now but last night I was spooking myself silly.

Any who after getting home, changing into jammies, and unloading their candy I was amaze. These girls hit the jackpot!
 I sorted gluten candy for Lily and GF for Ducati. Now time to binge.
 I hate this part because what goes UP must come down. And that down crash is what I hate. But I made a promise to Mike that I would let our kids follow in his childhood footsteps. It's fine though. After a day of eating candy they don't want to touch another piece of candy until Christmas.
 I wanted to add alittle Halloween to our house so I put these eyes in the tree outside our house for added flare. It's just an empty toilet paper roll with eyes cut out with a glow stick inside. Clever- I liked it!
 Since we were home by 8pm (2 hours trick or treating) I allowed the girls to stay up WAY past their bedtime. We watched Mirror Mirror on Netflix and the girls took turns passing out candy to trick or treaters. Once Mason and Hailey came home it was time to floss and brush twice for the night.  It was a great Halloween. I can't wait until next year. Well I can alittle since birthday season is approaching.

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