Friday, November 9, 2012

Holiday Insanity

I'm acting like a fuddy duddy again.
Mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually I am struggling.

Things for Mike are going great. He loves working for the church. He's been assigned to be the carpet cleaner for both the genealogy center and the church museum.

(next time you walk on those carpets you know who's cleaned them (-: )

Anyway he enjoys the people he works with. He loves the environment that he's in. One of his favorite things are the team HR meeting for the employees. Because they are actually devotionals. It's so awesome that he's getting spiritually fed while at work And something that makes me slightly envious is his employee self review sheet. When he showed it to me I was get so inspired. On it it reads,
"Do you work with the guidance and direction from the Holy Spirit?" 

How amazing! And for me it's amazing to still see his eyes sparkle with the spirit when he's talking about work.

But this is not the reason why I am acting like a cotton headed ninny muggin.
My brain is on overload. After finishing off a mad dash on Halloween I forgot to take it easy. Halloween is usually the kick off to our birthday/holiday season. So I was wiped out by the time I needed to start taking down all our Halloween decoration.

So now we're heading into our busy season.
Mike's birthday is on Thanksgiving. And I had such a great idea on what to do for him. But it meant I needed help from family to pull it off. I sent out around 100 emails asking for certain things and only 3 came back. 3! Lame :(
So this meant that I needed to rearrange my whole idea.
Plus taking into my equation...
Mike's night job, the need of sleep, the Detroit Lions game is shown on regular TV, and the stores are closed early if at all open this day. Plus sharing the holiday and  preparing for Lily's birthday that's the next day....see why my brain is going insane.

Then there's Lily's birthday. She's turning 4 and I again had another great idea on what to do for her special day. But that ended up falling through as well. So after talking with Mike we decided to throw her a birthday party.

Well actually ME throw her a party with a few neighbor kids her age. So that means snacks, decorations, favors, and games that are all Phineas and Ferb related.
But with her birthday being the day after Thanksgiving I'm throwing her party a week before her birthday. I know slightly confusing for her but oh well... on her actually birthday we're going to do something very small. (Mike has to work that night)

So with 2 birthdays approaching fast I am also working on a Christmas advent calendar that is all about our Savior (curse you commercializing Santa). Also Ducati's birthday, Hailey's birthday, Christmas gifts for friends, neighbors, family, teachers, our kids and preparing our Christmas card list. Thankfully it's only 8 more weeks of brain insanity. After that I can breath again. (exhale)

On a side note this weeks FHE we painted Thankful pumpkins.

We had a lesson on Thanksgiving and I asked each one of our kids what they are thankful for. After they answered they painted a picture of it on their pumpkin.

From left to right....
me: my kids since Cati painted my pumpkin for me with her toes
Hailey: fruit
Mason: turkeys
Ducati: twinkle sparkle ( a My Little Pony)
Lily: the color brown
Mike didn't want a pumpkin.

Next week after Lily's party I'll most likely wash these pumpkins and prep them to be our homemade GF pumpkin pie.

And this quote/saying has really helped me stay focused during this crazy and busy time of year.
It's literally pinned on my vision/project board. It reminds me that I can do hard things. With a prayer in my heart and a coke in my hand I can do this. :-)

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