Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Phineas and Ferb Party

That's right we had a Phineas and Ferb party for Lily. 

*A few strikes against this momma: I did not check the weather so I planned on outside games. C'mon it was 65 degrees outside last week. And I know this isn't Lily's actual birth date.  We really don't like celebrating birthdays on other days of the week BUT to ensure that her guests would come I planned her party a week early. Alittle confusing for her but oh well....

Back to the party....

I got this easy to make comic invites from
And instead of spending about half my budget on ink I just ordered a few 4x6 photos from Walmart. Super easy. The lady in the photo center seen that they were party invites and threw in some envelopes for free. Excellent! Lily came home and started on her invites.
She later hand delivered them to some other 4 year old's from around the neighborhood and church.

Now day of party.....
I only planned for this party to last about 1 hour. But there's plenty to do in 1 hour. 
First up the ACTIVITIES
When the kids started to show up I had everyone color a Phineas and Ferb sack.
  This was alittle more frustrating than I thought. I picked up these white paper sacks from Walmart and just wanted to print off some pictures onto them. However either my printer isn't equiped for that sort of project or the sacks were too...something. Anyways after yelling at my printer a few times I finally found a way to print these cute photos onto the paper sacks. (FYI- tape the sack onto a piece of paper)

I wanted everyone to have a sack since they would be using them throughout the party.
 Everyone loved the coloring sacks.

Now a game-
Pin the tail on Perry. 

  Ducati wanted to help me draw Perry so she drew his butt. See the black butt stink lines. haha:)
 It was so cute to hear all the kids laughing and squealing while playing this game.
 One of Lily's friends was tapping the poster board trying to hint to her where to put the tail. But she couldn't see his fingers so she did the best she could.
After playing this game everyone won some Phineas and Ferb fruit snacks.

Next game.
You're so Busted!
( I don't want to pat my own back now but my kids said that my handwriting looks like cartoon writing. I took that as a compliment. )

The basic theme of this game bust the balloons.
 Lily and Ducati loved helping me set up for this game.
 The night before Mike stood up with me putting little Phineas and Ferb stickers and tattoos into each balloon. But they didn't know this little fact until later on.

When the kids walked in and seen what they had to do they thought it was so awesome.
 Until no one could bust the balloons with their little bottoms.
 So I quickly grabbed some pens and that turned everything around.
  All I could hear was, "POP"....."Look it's a sticker."....."Look I got Candance."

This preoccupied them for alittle bit while I set up the last game. However at the end of this game the kids had their bags filled with stickers and tattoos. 

Last game-

 To find the monsters

While at Walmart they had these monster bubbles marked down to 25 cents so I took the whole lot. And while the kids were busting the balloons I hid the monsters in our living room under toys. So they had to find all of Dr. Doof's monsters before they took over the Tri-State area.

Warning: Scream Overload! 
Everyone went running looking for the monsters. It was so fun to watch them all enjoy themselves. 

After the games I brought out some snacks.
Grapes, Jello cups, and Phineas & Ferb juice boxes. After snack we had birthday cupcakes. 
 Lily loved every second while everyone sang to her.
 Excuse the birthday girl she's enjoying a yummy gluten free cupcake. Sneaky mom moment: everything was gluten free and not 1 kid noticed! wins again!
 She's showing off how much fun she's having.


 Her guests ran to grab their gift off the counter so they could give it to her.
 1 little boy couldn't stay since he needed to get to preschool but he was nice enough to drop off his gift to her. Sweet kid!
 This little boy wanted Lily to read the birthday card he picked out for her. She felt so happy to get a card. It's now under her pillow.

After presents we opened everything up. Bubbles, games, and dolls. And just had some free playtime. 

But before anyone could leave I passed out their party favors.
I made Agent P hats and Isabella bow headbands.
(The hats are from Dollar tree with a black marker strip. But the headbands I made myself. I picked up a package of headbands from dollar tree 5/$1 and the purple ribbon from Joann's and sat down watching one of my favorite shows and hot glued the ribbon around the headbands. A great way to pass an hour away)

 I'm taking from all the smiles that the kids enjoyed themselves.
 And it just goes to show that one photo all the kids are looking at the camera but Lily. And then Lily's the only one on the next photo. I love 4 year olds!
Now don't mind Miss Lily. She needs to gather up all her things before Mason and Hailey come home from school.

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