Friday, November 23, 2012

3rd time for our 4 year old

Lily is such a sweet, strong willed, smart, and adventurous little girl.
And it surprises me that she's made it to be 4 years old without any major medical expenses. :-) (just joking (: )
When I asked Lily what she wanted to do for her birthday activity on the day of her real birthday she wanted to go shopping.
So what better day to do this than on her birthday, Black Friday!

Her grandma gave her $20 to buy whatever she wanted and I had a gift card from a while ago. Best part of Black Friday shopping was the great deals paired with coupons. It was so adorable while at Target she handed the cashier her coupons for the candy and Barbie Princess. The cashier even thought it was cute AND smart that she's learning to stretch her birthday dollars. After all her purchases she put aside her money for tithing and was excited to come home to watch her new movies and play.

(Total for all Target $17 for Barbie movie, 2 M&M's, My little pony toy, and Barbie princess. Walmart Madagascar 3 was free with gift card and coupon. Brave movie Mike purchased her since that's where they went for their date night... so that one doesn't count)

After a few hours of shopping we came home, had a few friends come over and join us in our movie watching luncheon ( she wanted fruit and Cheetos...haha)
After a quick nap Mike was home and went out 1 more time. (At this time we were all pooped but we wanted to make Lily's birthday special still)

We headed to Boondocks!
With Lily's free birthday pass, Hailey's report card game card, and a coupon the cost was within my cheap-o budget :)
 This place was crowded but that's OK. We enjoyed this fun time.
 We have a tradition to play as many ticket games as we can. Then pull together all our tickets so the birthday person could get an awesome prize.
 With the exception of a few non-ticket games like this moving car game and dance revolution we were scoring big time ticket amounts. See her smile...she loved this game!

See Lily's dancing so fast she's just a blur. :-) ( I changed my camera setting after this photo)

 Miss Cati loving the merry-go-round.
 Lily had so much fun. She loved that she had her own card to do whatever she wanted.

 (one day I'll get her to look at my camera)

"Off we go" says Lily.

 Hailey had to try this out as well. I love this funny girl!
 After pulling together all our tickets Lily walked out with a huge stash of candy and a pair of sticker earrings. While she enjoyed the bigger candy we all snacked on the bite size starburst which was fine with us.

After Boondocks we picked up some dinner and drove around looking at Christmas lights. (something she wanted to do) It's actually really me...since this was the first time Mike and I were grateful for all those people who put up Christmas right after Thanksgiving. We usually murmur but tonight we were thankful since Lily wanted to see the lights. One house in our neighborhood put a smile on every single one of my kids. This family went all out with lights on every inch of their yard which included a Christmas countdown clock. She loved it!
 When we got home we continued on with our little celebration. From the look of her face I don't think she expecting a gift from us. She was really shocked.
After singing to her ♪ Happy Birthday ♪, we enjoyed some special birthday pie, and playing with her Strawberry Shortcake bath toy we headed off to bed since we were all exhausted.

Lily has celebrated her birthday 3 different times these past week. With her Phineas and Ferb party, the Grocery Store party, and now today. Normally it's a one day thing but perhaps she needed that extra loving from us. But it doesn't matter much to us...our Lily had a fantastic birthday.

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