Monday, November 19, 2012

Grocery Store Birthday Party

I enjoy watching, learning, and getting to know my children's personalities.
Each one has their own likes and dislikes.
Each one has their list of "Awesomeness".
And this is one of them.

When planning for Lily's birthday I asked her what sort of activity she wants to do. Her reply,
" Go to Smith's with little baby carts!"

For weeks she kept saying the same thing. And I've learned this about Lily. If she gets her sights on something there's no swaying  her. So I tried to set up a grocery store tour at a couple of different stores. A few didn't ever call me back. 1 tried to fluff me on why they were saying no.

So I gave up and started making plans on her Phineas and Ferb party.
But a few steps into making her party happen I relieved a call from 1 Smith's about 10 minutes away from us. I spoke with the store director and I guess he loved the fact that a little girl wanted to come to his store for her birthday that he had the HR lady call me to set up a tour date.


But I was uncertain what to do since her Phineas and Ferb party invites were already handed out. So instead of canceling everything and I planned a smaller tour with just our kids for a few days before her birthday.

Today, the day of the store party your, I pulled out Mason and Hailey from school 30 minutes early and headed to Smith's.
The  HR lady was so kind. She must of told every worker ahead of time that we were coming. Every single worker stopped and wished Lily a Happy Birthday.

On the 45 minute tour we went into the backroom where she showed up where they store the Christmas trees. Lily ran threw them  yelling ,"I'm in a forest!"

Next was the backroom of electronics. I was alittle nervous to see walls of TV's so close to my kids. But they actually did a great job.
 We went into the freezer and seen all the ice cream. Lily loved that part.
 Hailey loved the wall of soda. Mason liked that dairy cooler. We can see the customers on the other side of the glass picking out their milk. Lily thought it was so sneaky that they couldn't see us.
 After our backroom walk we went up front and she was given so much free stuff/samples. She got stickers from most everyone. Cookies, sushi, olives, gelato, a Smith's balloon, a free photo (which she got to go in the back of the photo center and see where the photos come out of) and a chocolate orange candy from the HR lady.
 After the tour I took my kids back to the little Cafe for a birthday snack. After singing ♪ Happy Birthday to you ♪  we enjoyed some yummy gelato. (which was Ducati's favorite part)
 Lily picked out a flower from the floral dept. that she kept with her entire time.
 My kids had so much fun on the store tour. Mason and Hailey asked if they could do this for their birthday as well. :-)
 And as for me I love this feeling that I was able to grant my little girls' birthday wish; of going to Smith's with little baby carts. It might sound alittle odd to some. But to Mike and I it goes to show that our Lily goes against the grain. That she's unique  in her own special way.

And the birthday girl had so much fun at her grocery store party. And I truly appreciate this stores willingness to grant my LilyBear's birthday wish. I can tell you one thing- the store that lied to me and tried to fluff me will not be getting my money anymore. I'll be taking that drive to the Bountiful Smith's more often.

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