Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Gifts

As a stay at home mom I try to make holidays more enjoyable especially for Lily and Ducati. Mason and Hailey do crafts, sing songs, help with class decorations while at school. So holiday build up is easier for them. However Lily and Ducati rely on me to pump them up.

For Halloween I had a few tricks up my sleeve.
Besides the door wreath we made we also made foam pumpkins for our door.
 And we were going to crave pumpkins but the holiday just snuck up on me. But I have another plan for them. :-)

However Halloween morning I made each one of my kids a Halloween baggie with all sorts of goodies.
 Ducati was the first one up so she got a head start on enjoying everything.

 In each bag I put a few candies, a Halloween pencil, a funky straw,a spider or skeleton ring, and a Halloween pencil tube I got from Michael's Craft store last year.
 That was pretty cool since it had a scented pencil inside along with a chain necklace inside to attach to the pumpkin topper.
 They all loved their Halloween goodie bags. It was a nice way to start off the holiday.
 Hailey wore her Halloween shirt and her pumpkin necklace to school. It's the closet thing she could wear to school since they don't allow costumes.
 And one last trick up my sleeve. After school I gave each kid a Wendy's frosty coupon. They loved them. So much they wanted to go right way to redeem them.
 How can I refuse? So we made a quick pit stop before I dropped off Mason and Hailey to their other dad's house. I love Halloween. I especially love making Halloween fun for my kids.

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