Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Breaking Dawn Date Night

I am a Twi-hard!
And I'm OK with this :)
With the new movie coming out Mike knew he didn't even have to ask me if I wanted to go. But for me- I wasn't unsure about it. Mike works so much and doesn't get much sleep except on weekends. So I didn't want to go on a date during his prime sleep hours. But Mike loves me and said I was worth 4 hours of sleep. His version of sweet talking me ♥

So with a gift card he got from work we seen the most amazing movie of this entire year. A few friends said it had alot of action. I read on FB that others thought it was so GOOD!
And they were right to a point. Twilight is a love story (in my opinion). And this last movie just showed that love will always prevail.

I admit that I cried when it was over. At the end the movie showed a reel of all the actors who played a part in Twilight from all the way back from James to current characters.  Mike looked over at me and I was crying. I told him, "It's all over." He just giggled at me. It's one of the many things he loves about me :)

Now I can't wait to get the movie when it comes out on DVD and have a Twilight marathon.
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