Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Missionary Dinner

Last night we had the chance to have dinner with the missionaries serving in our stake. So for a hot summer dinner I made pulled pork sandwiches with ice cold lemonade. Yummy!
And the kids wanted to make them something. They wanted me to bake tons of treats for them but this lady didn't want to work in the kitchen. So we went to Wal-Mart and picked up some treats. And now to assembly the goodie bags. 
 These missionaries were spoiled. Gum, trail mix, granola bars, lemonade packets, small bag of pistachios, and 1 bag of gummy bears.
 And each kid wrote a special note for the missionaries. Some wrote words of encouragement and some wrote kind words with special drawings.
So after dinner, dessert, and some chit chat we had Family Home Evening. This week Mason was in charge of the activity/lesson so we played Bible pictionary. Girls vs Boys. Boys won 4 to 3. But it was fun having the missionaries here for Family Home Evening. The kids were so excited to have guest they kept laughing at everything the Elder's were saying which lead to them laughing and it was just a hilarious cycle.
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