Thursday, July 19, 2012

Summer Cough

Where have we been for the past 5 days?


Lily had a nice little cold last week that she nicely shared with Ducati. :-)
 And our Miss Cati doesn't understand the word "Rest" so it's taking FOREVER for her to get a clean bill of health.

After a dose of medicine and a round of essential oils she'll start to feel better, which means she'll run around the house and jump off of everything. Which will start up a coughing spill so hard she'll get sick. So it's been a struggle for all of us. The kids have all sacrificed their TV time so Cati will watch a show that will make her sit. (they're such sweet kids♥) I guess I'm just use to my kids being back in tip toe shape after a couple of days.

 But the silver lining to this week is it's forced me to catch up on my laundry, cleaning out my cupboards, sending off my stack of cards, etc. But that's about it since 90% of my day I'm cleaning up after Cati's coughing attack (grossness) or disinfecting our house.

Good news is after prayers, a blessing from Mike, a couple of warm baths filled with oils she's almost there. Most likely we'll be venture out tomorrow. Which we can't wait for to catch up on our adventures. We're almost done with our summer bucket list so we're really excited to finish that up. Maybe we'll have an ice cream party when we're done. :-)
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