Friday, July 27, 2012

Bucket List this week

 From last week to this week we've done a lot of things off our summer bucket list...

Fun Friday- we went to a new park. The kids loved it. 
game night. An early night of Twister, Leapster, and Connect 4.

Make something Monday- remember the "I'll try again tomorrow" post

 Time to Read Tuesday-
We've read a few things off our bucket list. We're in the middle of a ghost story. Who doesn't love a good Goosebumps book?

And we read 2 church books.
1- a book about Mary of Nazareth. It was long but still great.
2- Sister Eternal is a story about President Uchtdorf.  His grandmother who was in line for food ( I think...I can't recall right now) was talking to a kind woman while they waited. The kind stranger invited his grandmother to come to her church. His grandmother liked to learn about different religions so she agreed to come. Once his grandmother went the following week her daughter and 2 grandchildren (which included President Uchtdorf) went to church with her. The story talks about how they were all later were baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. And that kind stranger was was named, (?) but translated her name is Sister Eternal. The kids liked the story.

What's cooking Wednesday?-

A cake. I seen this recipe on....Pinterest! I really dislike baking with my kids. Egg shells get into the batter almost ALWAYS! Oil gets spilled or even once drunk. (Gross) So this recipe involves a can of sprite and a box of cake mix. Very simple, easy, and mess free.
 I didn't have a can of sprite and I was too lazy to measure out 12 oz so I just grabbed an empty Mt. Dew can and filled it with soda.
 We made 2 cakes, 1 for each set of partners, and after it was all baked we topped the cake with whipped cream. Very yummy!

Thoughtful Thursday- dropped a baby gift off to a neighbor. 
Wrote Thank you notes to Primary teachers. The kids wanted to go the extra mile and made goodie bags for their teachers. They are so sweet!

And some other things we've crossed off our list-
-write a solider. We sent a card to a sister in our ward son who is in basic training for the Army.
- mail a gift. We've sent off a few gifts but we are planning on sending off much more.
- write a relative. 
-Picnic in the park
- Date night. Remember the kids and their movie dates with friends.
-go for a long walk. Our car broke down 2 miles from our house so I counted it.
-secret act of service. It's a secret so I can't post about it. :-)

We're almost done with our bucket list.My goal is to be done by next week so I can start homeschooling the kids. Mason needs to learn the school material before school starts so he doesn't fall behind. Hailey- she needs a refresher course on some things. I've tried to make sure the kids are reading everyday. They have been practicing spelling, handwriting, and grammar with all the letters that we've written. But now to buckle down and really get school ready.
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