Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pioneer Day

We usually try to make holidays special in our house. All holidays....something about ignoring the importance  of a special day just doesn't sit well with me. But this holiday really just passed by me. I didn't realize it was Pioneer day until around 10am. So today I just winged it.

We read the church books today from our bucket list.
Then we had Pioneer Floats. I'm not sure if Pioneer's drank root beer floats but put anything in a jar and it adds a feel of Pioneer ways.
 I know...not my best but the kids loved it.

In the evening we had our Home Teachers come over. It was really nice to have them visit on this amazing day. 
Afterwards we watched 17 miracles.

photo source

This movie really brings the spirit of those early saints and touches everyone's heart.
Everyone was in tears by the end of the movie. Our home teachers told Mason before they left that real men do cry so it's OK if he cries. Especially when the spirit touches him. So during the movie he cried when the people started dying.

For winging it today I think i did pretty well. I seen the appreciation grow in my children's spirits today for Pioneer day. So now for me- plan for next year. :-)
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