Thursday, July 26, 2012

Demonstrating Our Discipleship through Love and Service

Since I've been home I got to looking at this months  visiting teaching message.  I know it's my partners turn to teach the lesson BUT visiting teaching is an individual calling so I studied, prayed and am trying to apply this lesson to my life now.. 

The message is about loving your sister. And not just to feel it but show it. Here's a few examples that the message stated:

    Remember their names and the names of their family members and become acquainted with them.
    Love them without judging them.
    Watch over them and strengthen their faith “one by one,” as the Savior did .
    Establish sincere friendships with them and visit them in their homes and elsewhere.
    Care about each sister. Remember birthdays, graduations, weddings, baptisms, or other times that are meaningful to her.
    Reach out to new and less-active members.
    Reach out to the lonely or those in need of comfort.
 A simple message but still something profound for me in my little corner of the world. I have let miles be my excuse for so many things. I've lost touch with family and friends because we live so far apart from 10 miles to 10 states. So with the wonders of Pinterest I'm now dedicated to start showing my love for all those amazing people in our families lives. 

* and because Pinterest is the most amazing website ever to form to date most things are cost effective for our family budget.

 My brother turns 25 and is an average American (outside of Utah) adult. So this gift is completely homemade but still very funny.  Front of card is from Pinterest. (not realizing that I'm only 3 years old he makes fun of me for being so OLD) and inside I made this origami shirt and pants out of $1 bills. He'll think it's funny.

Neighbor kid is turning 15 or 16...something like that. So I made him a stache cup. The latest rage..why? I have no clue but I admit I like it. And just stuffed the cup with some treats. 
 And another neighbor kid. She's turning 9 in a few days so after looking on Pinterest I seen this and LOVED IT!!!! Secret Agent kit where she has to do 7 secret missions of service.

 To to sweeten the deal I added a package that will self destruct if she cheats but if she's faithful to her mission she can open the reward. I really hope she likes it...because I'll be honest- I do!

These measures might be small and simple  but they make for greater things. So after sending out these things and following my prompting I feel so much better.
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