Thursday, July 12, 2012

Scouts, Pirates, and Mirrors

Mike and I had a busy 24 hours. 
Wednesday night Mason invited a friend of his to see the movie, The Pirates! Band of Misfits.
And for this parent tag-along Mike went along. And those 3 guys had so much fun! 
Then on Thursday morning Mason has Webelos camps. 
Mike took the day off from work since Mason usually needs alittle help from all the stimulation up there. And Mike was very kind to take some pictures but my camera was acting weird and deleted them all when I tried to transfer this year Mason will have to take our word for it that he enjoyed himself. :-) 

Then later that night Hailey had a date night with her BFF. (well one of her BFF's) 
We went to the local theater and seen Mirror Mirror. These 2 ladies laughed and cried to much that I watched them more than the movie.

Although Mike and I were on our toes alot it was all worth it to see our kids enjoy themselves so much.
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