Friday, July 6, 2012

Back on Track

After having a lazy few days I got my bottom back in line and we had a great week-
Make Something Monday-Hailey read in her Lego magazine that they were having a contest for photos of summer foods made out of Legos. So Hailey wanted to enter the contest. She made a plate with watermelon, an orange, and a blueberry. 
 After I took her entry photo the kids did this.....

But we also had the missionaries over so we made them their bags as well.

 Time to Read Tuesday- we read some books and read the directions for the pool I ordered. Gotta' love Target Daily Deals. So for the rest of the day we played in the water.

 Had a pool party with some neighbor kids

 Mike showed off to them as well
 And Mike wanted to see if he could balance on his head. The first try the little neighbor kid stood in front of the camera. 2nd try Cati came over and tickled him.

 3rd attempt was successful.
Wednesday is a post all of it's own. 

Thoughtful Thursday- we cleaned out all the toy boxes and gave 4 bags of toys for free on KSL. And when Mike came home from work we had a great dinner picnic at the park.

 And while I played princess on the playground Mike took everyone on a trailer ride.
 Warning: if you overload the trailer do not ride over bumps. Mason fell out and scrapped his elbow and knee from it. Lesson learned :(

So when Cati and I had our turn we waited until Mike road over all the bumps before we sat in the trailer.

Fun Friday- the kids and I went to Mrs. Cavanaughs for a factory tour. We got there a few minutes early so the kids enjoyed a sample fudge. I guess Lily thought everything was chocolate like in Willy Wonka.
 The tour was sort of lame. It's very educational but there's more videos than demonstrating. But for my kids....they just wanted to know when they could eat some chocolate. But the end was the best part. The $1 per person they charge they give back to you in a $1 store coupon. So this was literally a kid in a candy factor. My kids were so excited and couldn't decide on what to get. Hard candy, taffy, chocolate bars, chocolate dipped sour patch kids, etc......finally they decided on their sweet treasures.

Such a great week!
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