Friday, July 27, 2012

Drive "In"

Last night we have ourselves a Drive- "In" night with our kiddos.
Instead of going to the Drive-In we planned a family movie night in but with a ticket twist.

We rented Big Miracle from Redbox.
The goal of the day was to earn tickets. To enter the movie theater (family room) they needed 5 tickets. Then to buy treats they needed to earn more tickets. So all day long the kids were so nice and helpful. Mason picked up Lily from preschool. Hailey helped her sisters find clothes. Lily listened the first time ( a great accomplishment for her) Ducati took her nap without arguing for 10 minutes.

So after dinner Mike was ticket taker for movie entry.
After each kid paid entry into the movie they got to pick whatever they wanted from the concession table.
Everything was marked. 1 ticket snack size candy, 2 tickets for a bag of cotton candy or a huge lollipop, 3 tickets of a bag of popcorn, 4 tickets for a regular size candy bar, 5 tickets for an ice cream, and drinks were free since we're encouraging our kids to drink more water.

Side Note: After dinner Mike still had a pocket full of tickets so he started handing them out for stuff like sitting nicely, drinking your water, chewing with your mouth closed, etc. It was fun to see the kids get so excited! But it was more fun watching the kids go crazy picking whatever they wanted from the concession table.

Some kids only had a few treats and can see Hailey's line of treats- hit the jackpot! 
The movie was great. A great inspirational movie for the whole family. And best of all Mason could join us since their wasn't an ounce of violence. During the movie the kids dug into their treats and by the end of the movie they were covered in chocolate fingers and ice cream tinted tongues. But it was a great evening. One the kids asked for us to repeat...very soon :-)

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