Saturday, July 14, 2012

Surprise Baby Shower

Our friend, Melanie, is due soon with their family's 3rd little one. A sweet baby girl. But having a baby shower for a 3rd baby is not something you'd do UNLESS your  friends find out that you're in need of some baby things. Then they throw a surprise essentials baby shower. And that's exactly what we did :-)

So a mutual friend, Kristina, was the one with the idea and me- I was the one who through inspiration got the ball rolling. Mike teased that my calling in Relief Society mid-week activity (parties) has really helped with my party planning skills.

So now to find a why for a pregnant lady, who's due any day now, to leave her A/C house? Book club!
The only thing now a days she'll leave the house for is book club. So with the help of all the book club ladies- food, decoration, set up, clean up, and gifts were taken care of.

Here's a few highlight photos (again my camera is acting weird...I think it's time to get it serviced) :-(

The decorations. Simple but still very cute.
3 onesis hanging on a ribbon. And instead of a burlap banner I just attached a bag to the blinds to act as the back drop. Which was nice since at the end of the party I just grabbed the the loose gifts and threw them in the bag.
The book club ladies helped with all the food. (this is only a small portion of it) It was greatly appreciated. And at the end of the party there was so much food left over that I got to take some leftovers home. Yummo!

 Friend, Melanie, and Kristina.
 All the awesome ladies who came. I would name them all but I'm not sure if I can on my I'm just going to show their pretty faces instead.

These 2 ladies traveled from outside of the neighborhood to make it to this party. It was so nice to see them again.
 Eating some yummy food.

 Kristina's family came along as well. It was nice to see them.
 The masterminds of it all...Kristina and I. With the lady of the night- Melanie.
 I'm still learning my camera so last night a friend of mine was showing me a few things and this friend was very kind to be the subject for testing.
Enough goofing around.....Let's open gifts!
 There was so many diapers and wipes that their new baby will be covered nicely for some time now.

 More gifts..... this baby girl made out tonight.
 Side Note: my kiddos, Mason and Hailey, helped me make the favors. Years ago Melanie threw a shower for Kristina by telling her it was a Dove Party. So to honor that event which lead to this evening I made Dove & Hershey ( her...she...get it!) favors. So while making these little favors Mason and Hailey kept asking me, "Can I have one?",  "Are you going to take all of these?" , and once they found out that I was taking all this chocolate with me they asked if they could come to the party too.
Game....Guess the candy bar?'s melted candy bars in the a diaper. One diaper in particular brought back lots of memories of Lily eating sand and the uncanny resemblance it had of her diapers.{{ chills}} Gross!
 And this was my gift....a diaper cradle. It took about one diaper package, some scrap fabric, and 1 nap time to figure this thing out.

 and my side note:  being a part of book club I brought these cupcakes along. White gluten free cake, GF cream cheese frosting, GF frosting for the flowers. No one would of known they were GF if I didn't label my plate. Which I'm glad I did since I wasn't the only Celiac at the party.
This evening was so fun. With all the secrets and sneakiness I'm glad I can go back to my old honest self. Now to exercise some patience until this baby who is already much loved enters this world.
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