Wednesday, July 4, 2012

4th of July

4th of July. Such a great day for everyone.
In the morning Mike and Mason raced in the Centerville Freedom Run. 

 While waiting for the race to begin Mason seen his friend, Lydia, there and was so happy. He was just talking about her a few minutes ago asking us that he should of invited her to come see him run. But Heavenly Father helped with this one. The night before Lydia decided that she wanted to run in this race. They were both very happy to see each other.
 During the race Mason was having some difficulty. He seen some people walking so he was confused on why people would enter a race to only walk. So he wanted to walk as well. But Mike was able to help him stay motivated and run the entire race. Their time was 31 minutes 29 seconds. See the arrow...there they are!

 After the race Mason got to see not only us but also family from his dad's side. But here's Mike and Mason's post race photo. All sweaty, hot, and tired- the best way to feel after a run!
 After you crossed the finish line you have to hand in your number so they could place you. Alittle weird but that's what they do here. So while the officials were figuring it out we went to cheer on Lydia in the kid's mile race. But afterwards we seen that Mason placed 23rd so he made the board. He was pretty excited! Now he's asking when his next race is....Mom didn't plan that far ahead.
 Our original plan was to leave and go home but then we decided to stay for the parade. We never went to them since we were never up in time for them plus to be honest we thought that they might have been lame. But this year we thought we'd give it a go. So until the parade started we had 30 minutes to play around.

 Parade Time.....
 "Look Daddy....a tuba!"
 The girls waving to all the princesses on this float.
 Lily was so happy that someone gave her a flyer to vote republican next election. But she didn't care....she was picked to have this paper.
 Ummm....Valley Fair Mall that's in West Valley has a float in the Centerville parade. Oh well..... :-)
 Mike and I commented to eachother that we never seen so many stake and YSA floats in 1 parade.

 Hailey caught a Popsicle but was very kind and gave it to Mike since she heard him say that he wanted one.
 "Mommy, I got you a coupon"
 Mason really liked this float.
 Everyone loved the parade. It did have a small town feel since we seen alot of people we knew and some of the floats were from the local pest control business, or the eye doctor or Wal-Mart. But the kids loved that every car threw candy out towards the crowd. So everyone's pockets were full and what didn't fit in their pockets got stuck in my purse.

After the parade we came home and enjoyed some pool time.
 Lily's singing "I need fabulous" from High School Musical 2. I don't know where she gets it but I love this girl.

 For dinner we went to a friends house. It was nice for us to have some adult conversation while the kids played. By the time we came home everyone was just pooped that we slept right through the neighbors fireworks.
We didn't have much of plan for this holiday but the way things turned out- it was a great 4th!

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