Thursday, November 24, 2011


I love Thanksgiving! It's the most over looked holiday with the most meaning. Maybe I'm just a sucker for holidays. It gives me an excuse to decorate and bake something without looking weird (like I really care.. :-)
For this Thanksgiving we had my parents come over. Grandma played Santa trying to get the kids wish list.
My dad and Mike watched the Lions act like a bunch of teenagers. C'mon now- kicking someone and saying that you were trying to get your balance. Hailey comes up with better lies than that.
And of course I cooked the best Gluten Free meal EVER! Turkey, buttered potatoes ( rolls for most of us),veggies, pumpkin pie tarts, rice pudding, and a GF cherry pie. And I even made cranberry sauce which later I asked Mike "What do you use this sauce for?" We both didn't know. haha :-) So I made it into jam with one of those mixes. Taste great!

Anyways has anyone ever wondered why our blog is named Thankful 6? There are so many things, people, places that we are thankful for. We actually made a list of 100 things that we are thankful that Heavenly Father has given us. So on our list we named:
temples, priesthood blessings, scriptures, Jesus Christ, atonement, grass, blankets, family, talents, neighbors, ward buildings, milk, food, dolls, clouds, etc.   We were able to get to 15 pretty easy but to get over that hump we needed to really count our blessings;even the small ones like milk. :-)

Well for me I am thankful for so many things but my hubby and kids are my list toppers. I am very lucky to have a husband who is imperfect. So due to his imperfections he earns to learn and grow. I am thankful for Mason and Hailey. Since I was pretty young when I had them they have more of youthful personality; which I LOVE! And I am thankful for Lily and Ducati- being told for years that I can't have anymore children due to some blood type disorder. Mike accepted this when we were married. But Heavenly Father had other plans for us- to have 2 more children right after each other. So I am so thankful that Heavenly Father sees more for me than I could even image. So this makes the Thankful 6!
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