Tuesday, November 29, 2011


For Mike's birthday I wanted to celebrate it with a BIG BANG! But due to an illness Mike had used all his sick time so I had to rearrange some things. So our long away weekend turned into a night getaway. But it still fun to plan. For this trip I planned a very fun theme


I layed out Mike's clothes the day of our date but he still had no idea what we were doing. But that all soon changed when my mom showed up. After giving her the quick Gluten Free 101 we headed downtown to catch a movie.... COWBOYS AND ALIENS!
Completely weird- Cowboys and Indians chasing down blood sucking aliens who were stealing their villagers and also their gold. It was a complete man movie but that was fine with us. It was still OK.
Afterwards I made the biggest date faux pas- I went to the grocery store. YIKES!  We were right by Whole foods so I begged Mike that we could get the GF pasta that we have been running low on. So Mike agreed as long as he was able to pick up some treats.

After my quick pasta trip we headed to Anniversary Inn.
 After checking in we went for some much need dinner at a great BBQ place. All GF so Mike was able to order almost anything on there minus the gravy. Darn gravy and their flour!

Anyways we headed back and ....... WENT TO BED! 9pm I was out like a light. I was the Shrek scene all over again. Where Shrek asks Fiona what she wants to do when the kids went to bed. And then the scene cuts to them asleep on the bed. That was totally us!
Going to bed at 9pm and sleeping in until 9am way amazing. That's funny- we get an expensive suite to sleep! I love it! I love being a mother. I love my kids when they come into my room and need cuddles when they have a nightmare. But I don't love it when they scream in my face that they want cereal. Or when they flip the lights at 5:45 am so I can put on Sesame Street. So this was a much needed getaway. I love my husband especially when we can snore until 9am.
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