Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Oh Snap!

I love this shirt. Sure the cookie is pretty cute looking but the way that Mike came to own this shirt is even cuter.

Lily and I were at the DI looking for the shirt for Ducati's Halloween costume. While looking around Lily seen a shirt with Curious George on it. She asked if I could get it for her- and I agreed I would if she sat in the cart seat until we went to the cashier. And she did so I had no problem spending $1 on this shirt. 

While looking around to see if there were any other treasures I ventured into the men's shirts since I know that Mike is always in need of work shirts. While looking through the racks Lily seen this shirt (above) and asked if she could get it for Daddy. 
Me, underestimating my daughter, said to Lily " You can only have 1 shirt. Either the Curious George or this Cookie." 

As you can see she chose the cookie shirt for Mike. She kindly hung up the monkey shirt on the men's rack and grabbed this shirt from the hanger. I was completely overjoyed that I'm not sure why I don't burst into tears. So I quickly paid for our items and left. She left that store carrying this shirt in her small bag and had a look of love in her eyes. 

When Lily came home to show Mike he said Thank you to her and gave her a hug & kiss. But it wasn't until I told him this story that he immediately took off his current shirt and changed into this one, wiped a few tears off his cheeks, and found Lily to give her a bigger hug and kiss.

Mike later asked me if I still purchased the monkey shirt. I told him "No". I know....but I didn't want Lily to think that when faced with a choice of her vs. others that she can have both. So I left the shirt there. But the next day I sent looking for that shirt to maybe put away for Christmas but it was gone. 

So now whenever I see Mike wearing this shirt I think back to our sweet girl who at the age of 2 showed a very selfless act of love towards her Daddy. 
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