Saturday, November 12, 2011

Plan C

Hello my name is Angie and I am a plan-aholic. I am a forgetful person so to help relieve some of my chaos I plan things. I have a notebook of all the little things I want to do, I should do, little love tokens I need to make, or dates I want to have with my hubby. I see no illness in wanting to plan things out in advance.

For Mike's 30 to 30 I have my little list of the things I will either do, make, or give for him during this magical 30 days. So today I planned for a date :-)

I planned for us to go to the temple again. So I was really bummed when I had to change this idea the day before. But I had my notebook which I just looked in there and figured I had all the makings to plan a picnic in the mountains in our family's favorite spot. I made all my arrangements for our Plan B date ( GF lunchables, drinks, snacks, clean and warm socks) and I even checked the weather and it said "slight chance of rain in the later evening". When we woke up today it was raining and snowing all by 10am. So that plan was out the window. 

So I ran to my little notebook to try to pull together another date but time ran out....Mike woke up and our sitter was expecting us. So after dropping our girls off we got back into our van and I heard those dreaded words..."What should we do?" I really dislike those 4 words. However since it was lunch time we went searching for a locally owned restaurant. We found one....but let me just say it's not worth really mentioning. (Gross!) 

Anyways since we had some time to kill we headed to a craft store to see what activities we might be able to do together later when we got home. After crazy clearance ladies and 30 minutes later we headed home with a few pretty awesome crafts that we plan to do later this week. (I'll post them later and title them "The craft of plan c"....haha)

I write all this down to help me remember to be humble and more appreciative for what I do have NOT for I what I want. 
After all my gripping and whining I totally failed to realize that my dates with Mike are to be with Mike. To talk, catch up, hold hands, play footsie, have spacious elbow room at a dining table, to show my love for being his wife. 

Hello my name is Angie and I am super lame for losing sight of this. 

So after gaining my focus again I have to say that our PLAN C date was great. We laughed over the impossible weather. We were able to sit in a booth without having to hold crayons. We enjoyed being able to hold hands and chat about our ups and downs. We were given the chance to have fun together while shopping at a craft store. We were able to buy what WE wanted (which contained nothing with princess's or paints)  I laughed when I seen that my hubby was holding this while in checkout...
A glow stick toy.....I love my man! 

So for wanting an amazing bonding time with my husband- Heavenly Father gave me what I needed;not want I wanted. And I am so grateful for that! :-)
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