Monday, November 7, 2011

Funny Girl

We are just so proud of Hailey! Over the summer this 1 item of business was such a challenge- for her to use her imagination and play by herself. This might seem small and simple but it was a huge challenge for not only her but us. 

Since she hadn't started school yet we were best buds. Always doing things together. Cooking some type of treat, painting our nails, playing a game or even cleaning the dishes together. But everything was together. I enjoyed spending time with her but in doing this she developed a dependency on me to entertain her. 

Boy- was this habit hard to break! But after months of hard work look what happened today -

 She's playing by herself!!!! She was the first one done with her homework so when she asked to go outside I reminded her that it'll just be her (which I need to NOT say again). She was fine with it so she headed outside. And I would of joined her but when I seen her doing this outside our window I instead sat on our couch and laughed from joy at what she was doing. She was making snowballs then smashing them like a little bomb. And of course taking a few bites of snow in between all of the snow bomb making.
 This picture is just cute of Hailey and Ducati.
What are Hailey and Lily doing? When Mason was getting a sticker for a return Hailey and Lily seen this fireplace movie playing and pretended to warm their hands. They're so funny!

I know I've said it before but I will gladly said it again- Hailey has grown so much in the past few months. It's amazing....wait- SHE'S AMAZING!
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