Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Kid Time

This time of year I am in auto mode due to 4 out of 6 people in our home have birthdays within a 3 week time frame. Mike and I (more me :-)....) have been prepared for this birthday/holiday season for some time now but it seems that we're never quite as prepared as I would like. 

But nevertheless during this crunch time we still take the moments that we have to spend time with our kids. 
Our latest kid adventures:

Mason was helping Mike with our van. Some weird transmission sound that required a helping hand brought Mason into the mix. But he really enjoyed himself. Mason later told me that when he goes on a mission it's good that he learns about cars, cooking, laundry and coupons. He's so funny!

We went to the park to celebrate Hailey passing off her Kindergarten skills book. She had a blast!

Ducati learned to play follow-the-leader from her awesome mom :-)

She later enjoyed some playtime in the leaves.
 I love this one with her hands on her hips. That's so me!
 She's so cute as Mike pours leaves on her.
Lily learned how to play hopscotch. She's showing off her barefoot skills!
It's been a fun week so far. But now with Mike's, Lily's and Thanksgiving it's bound to be a party at our house all week long!
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