Friday, November 4, 2011

Sweet Somethings

Today was been a sweet day. Nothing absolute amazing that will change the course of the world. But it has changed my day completely.

Mike worked until 3am this morning. That's his usually time to getting home right now. So I don't mind getting up at 5:30am with Cati. I do get tired around 8pm. Tired to the point that I am counting down minutes until bedtime. But today Mike let me sleep in. My sweet but crazy husband got only about 4 hours of sleep. He took care of the kids, did the breakfast, diapers, getting dress, lessons, and played a few games with them until I woke up around 9am in a panic that I overslept!  Nope- I just have a great husband.

Second, while I was sleeping Mike put these little notes around our house for me to find when I woke up. It was a nice surprise to see them.

This one was on our vanity mirror.
 On the fridge....
1 in my wallet and 4 in my scriptures. It was sweet to find them everywhere.

The next sweet something is our Sweetheart, Hailey. Today at school she earned one of these... It's called a Peace Builder. I remember during Back to School day the teacher said that she'll give these out for students that show kindness. So when I picked up Hailey from school she was so excited to show me and Mike this note along with her "I am a Peace Builder" pencil.
It says....

Hailey (took her last name out) is a loyal friend to others. She is concerned about and wants to help wherever there are needs. Thank you Hailey. ♥ Mrs. (her last name)Teacher

Also Hailey earned her 6th star.

A few weeks back Hailey came to me to ask for some sparkly rings, new shirts, and some other items. I explained that before school started we purchased several outfits for her and that's all she gets unless her clothes wear out. She was upset so I told her to let me and Mike talk about it.

So Mike and I did talk and it was a good one :-) We understand that Hailey is becoming a little lady. She's growing up and is wanting more control of her wardrobe. But we didn't want to just hand over these new items so we made a deal that for every day that her room is completely cleaned she'll earn a star. After 6 stars one of us will take her to the store so she can pick out her new item. Mike and I wanted her to understand that although we might understand her need that we didn't need too. If it's important to her-it's important to us.

So today she earned her 6th star. It would of happened earlier but she took a couple lazy days during this but that's OK. So she's showing her Star Chart completed and her new ring set. Her new goal is for a shirt that she's had her eye on from Target. Since it's a bigger priced item she'll have to do 7 stars. But we know she can do it. She's a hard worker when she's got her eye on the prize.

Last sweet something of the day....(so far)
Lily is reading in the clothes hamper. I'm not going to bother her.....she's reading (well...looking at pictures and retelling me her version of the story) She's so funny. This little girl cracks me up!
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