Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Pirate Lily

Ahoy Mates! Our sweet birthday beauty has been corrupted by PIRATES! In the middle of the night they hoisted their Jolly Roger in our living quarters.
They left our beauty their treasure map, their ship, and a Capt Hat. So Lily changed her name to Captain Pirate Lily. (She named herself ♥)
After she threw over our house with she started to recruit a crew to help her find her treasure chest.

Then it was time to set sail! Capt. Lily found the 1st clue under a bucko's skull.

"To find my treasure ye must be where there is a beach but there is no sea"

Capt. Lily's crew helped her figure out that the sea-less beach was the sand box at the park. So we started our adventure towards the park.

 First Mate Daddy ( he's so cute for dressing up as well) with his the little buccaneer.
 There she found her 2nd clue

"From here where you travel to is gross to me, it's where ye go when you've got to pee"

POOP DECK! (bathroom)
 While at the poop deck her 1st Mate helped her decipher her 3rd clue

"Ruby's and gems are a treasure; yes, and it's with diamonds you'll find what's next" 

Baseball Diamond! Captain Lily was trying her hardiest to keep a fierce face but a few giggles and squeals escaped her from time to time.
Capt. Pirate Lily found clue #4....

"If you have a bike you might play here, with lots of rails but only 1 big stair"

This lead us to the bike/ skate park. Almost there we can feel the treasure calling us!

Clue #5....

" Go to where ye would eat then 5 paces northwest, and that's where you will find Lily's Treasure Chest" 

Avast Ye....Captain Lily and her crew found ye treasure chest!!!

 But this Captain laid claim to all this booty... Birthday Girl Code of Conduct!

But our Captain did grant us a few photos to show note her victory

Yo Ho Ho a pirates life for me ....
 Captain Pirate Lily and her crew
After she had took some photos with her 1st Mate she hornswaggled him to carry her booty back to the ship deck.

Where she and her crew digged through her pieces of eight

 Then this 3 year old Captain wanted to watch Peter Pan to get a few ideas from the famous Capt. Hook. Soon after our Captain sent the cook an order to bring some food up from the galley. Blow me down-this cook forgot to defrost anything so our 1st Mate  weighed anchor and hoisted the mizzen towards the destination with 3 gold arches- McDonald's!
 While eating her grub the this Landlubber shipshaped this party by getting the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie to calm this storm. But midway through our movie this Captain had to catch some zzz's.
  Ahoy, me hearties our Capt awoke from her slumbers and now it's time for CAKE!

 After this voyager came to an end when the seadogs hornswaggled Lily back all their swag. But now I have my beauty back. But this lad did get to keep all the loot and she got a phone call from her old salt grandma to wish her Happy Birthday.

This was such a fun day for our lassie. Savvy?

( I love Pirate talk ♥)
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