Tuesday, November 22, 2011

30 to 30 Finale

Mike's amazing birthday 30 to 30 has come to an end. He's had so much fun opening presents, having surprise dates, and getting some fun pampering. Here's the rest of this 30 to 30

Day 26 a new shirt that Lily picked out.

Day 27 A sitter! 
We do weekly dates and this Saturday was his date night. So a friend of ours were open to watch our kiddos. But the fun part of this date was that Mike took ME out for his birthday. We went to go see the new Twilight movie. I love this man!
After this fantastic movie we went to Dollar Tree to find some treats for our girls. But we of course fooled around and had some laughs
Day 28.... two Mind Freak magic kits. Mike loves to do magic tricks!

Day 29 a family activity to Chuck E. Cheese. Mike totally rocked this basketball game!
 But while he played this game the kids and I played as many ticketed games. We then gave Mike the tickets so he can splurge on CEC gift boxes. He really likes this part :-)

Day 30...His birthday! 

Since we usually let people play hookie for birthdays it was completely different having to wait until Hailey was done with school to start the celebration. But we still had fun....
 Mike misses many foods due to his gluten issues. And 1 of those foods is donuts...so he was really wanting some for his b-day. He really loved it when he was given a box for breakfast. As you can see he was excited so well worth the $7 for a box of 6
While we waited he did some household chores like put plastic on our windows and acted majorly goofy while doing it
Finally Hailey was home. So we ate lunch and headed out for his birthday activity. I was planning a game of touch football but he wanted to go to an indoor bounce house so I can't say No to the birthday boy! 

 Lily's helping Mike cheat at Hide-N-Seek. She's his look out.
Who does this 30 year old want to hang out with on his big day? KIDS! 
After our jumping good time we headed home for naps and Key Lime pie!

But this day wouldn't be the same unless we got some alone time. One of our friends watched our kids for 4 hours...(saintly like people). Anyways we headed for some GF frozen yogurt then went to see the movie "The Rise of the Planet of the Apes"
Great movie, Great man, and Great date! I love birthday season! 

     Angelica asked me to share some of my thoughts and feelings about my birthday. First off, I think my wife is amazing, were it up to me to pull off a 30 to 30 birthday, it would most likely only last for two, maybe three days before I just gave in and gave all the presents.  Beside being totally impressed with my sweethearts organization and planning, I had a lot of fun, it really made me feel special to be so recognized for thirty straight days.  Of the thirty days the most memorable for me was the bounce house, the "I love you because" balloon popping, and of course the babysitters, (it is always nice to have Angie all to myself).

     The best thing that I received this birthday was nothing material, it was  the wonderful memories.
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