Wednesday, November 2, 2011


It's so awesome that I can't even contain myself.... I was looking on The Dating Divas website for some ideas for a date and seen this..... my email! So I cut and pasted it but you can link over and see it yourself
The Dating Divas

Can I start by saying that we have the best readers ever?!  We absolutely LOVE all your ideas and suggestions that you send our way!  This one came from such a cute girl! We {heart} her! She has sent us some very cute ideas, thank you Angie!!  Here is a calendar she made for her hubby… What a thoughtful and very creative way to show someone you love them so much!
Here’s what Angie sent us… :)
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This past New Year’s, I wanted to do something special for my husband. We had an amazing year together and I wanted to show him how lucky I am. So I cooked up a photo calendar for him. I went to our family blog and selected 1 photo from every month that represented something special we did together.

After ordering the prints I headed over to Target to pick them up. While I was there I saw that they had calendars 50% off which made them 50 cents a piece.  Score!  It was great, it saved me a trip to the dollar store.  So the total cost was $2.98.
When I got home I grabbed all the supplies that I needed. Some tape, a sharpie, scissors, the calendar, photos, and my thinking cap. On each month’s page I wrote a special note about why this photo was selected. For example, February… I selected the photo of us paintballing on Valentines Day.  I wrote “You keep me alive with all your wacky and crazy ideas”.  Each month he does or says something to me that makes me fall more in love with him all over again. I can’t wait to give him this calendar.
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Thank you Angie, and this is perfect once those calendars go on sale in the fall! Keep this in mind for the holidays, it is a sure keeper!! ;)

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