Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I'm going to be King

Tonight Mike did FHE. I'm so glad that he planned it; he has such great ideas!

Tonight we learned about King Louis XVI. Mike showed a great kid friendly video about how he was kidnapped and lived in a village of sin. He lived there for 6 months and never partook of the any of the bad behaviors. And when asked by his kidnappers why he didn't participate he said that "He knew he was going to be king"

So Mike was teaching us that when faced with difficulties that we should pick what is right since someday we'll be with our King in Heaven.

For our fun hands on activity we made crowns!

This was so much fun! I made pudding for our dessert. Small and simple but that's what I get for not going grocery shopping for more GF foods. 
But either way it was a great night. :-)
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