Monday, November 7, 2011

30 to 30

I think I've spoiled Mike with this 30 to 30. But he deserves it since he rarely gets spoiled. His time and efforts go to either me or our kids so hardly nothing gets left to him. However as I'm doing this 30 to 30  it's been amazing to see his face light up every day with each gift. So here's the  past following days...

Day 10 

I made this "You mean the world to me" picture. I printed out the maps of Chicago, Boston, San Diego, Detroit, Times Square and Utah. All places we've gone together. We've traveled alot more than this frame could hold but he still loved it! Don't you love the glue lines :-)

Day 11
A candy bar with the letters "I ♥ U" written in chocolate on top of it. 

Day 12
Gluten-Free Truffles. He's been wanting normal food from before his GF days. So with a few modifications I made his favorite dessert EVER and WOW- he was excited!

Day 13 a much needed Temple date! We went to Bountiful Temple for a few hours. It was so nice to be there with Mike. And since we only did baptisms we had some extra time before we needed to pick up our tots we ate dinner at the temple. Besides the amazing dinner we noticed something amazing. No one prayed over their food. Maybe it's because we're already in a holy ground that people don't need to re-bless their food...but OH WELL!

Day 14 Super COOL cuff links. I ordered these from I love this site! Everything can be personalized with whatever photo you want, the prices are really low, the items are great quality, and for new members there's a list of like 50 items that they will give you free. So for this item all I paid was shipping but since the company is in Japan the international shipping and the 2-3 week waiting period arrive stink! But it's so worth it! He absolutely loves these!♥♥♥

This little idea I had and brought so much joy into his day. Maybe I'll do it again for his 40th! How would that be to have 40 days of gifts. GREAT IDEA! 40 days and 40 nights of gifts!
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