Friday, November 11, 2011

30 to 30

Day 15 his favorite meal, Waikki Meatballs (gluten-free style). I don't have a photo since everyone dug in so quickly :-)

Day 16
Gift card for a temp pass for snowboarding. It's a temp pass since only 1 week a month he can go snowboarding. But for the price I paid...... (Thank you Groupons!)..... he'll be able to go hit the slopes for a price that we can afford!

Day 17
 I made a "What happened on November 22?" printout. Mike wondered what else happened in the world on his birthday. So I looked it up on one of those birthday calendar websites and found out that JFK was assinated on his birthday. Along with the first Mercedes test drive, Mike Tyson won some medal for being the youngest heavyweight champ and some other things happened. But the most important event that happened on Nov. 22- MIKE!

Day 18

Day 19 the movie "Second Chance".
 Mike loves Christian movies! Well we both love Christian movies and after seeing the preview to this one we have been wanting to order it. So it fit to have it be apart of Mike's 30 to 30.
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