Saturday, September 29, 2012

Where are you God?

For the past week our family has been well. Mason and Hailey are doing great in school. Mike is shining at work. Lily and Ducati have only given me a few migraines. I actually went visiting teaching this month. We're all healthy, happy (for the most part), and together.

Earlier this month I read the book, Heaven is for Real, that my friend recommended.

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I do admit that I stood up way to late some nights reading this book. I was completely hooked on what this little boy experienced. The accounts of what he described I was in complete awe.

But what stirred me up was his father. If you haven't read the book I won't go into complete detail but there's a part when his son is in surgery to try to save his life. And his father being a pastor was getting so angry that he left the waiting room were his wife was at and went into a small closet looking room. And vented to God on why this was happening. He pretty much laid into him. The father asked God why he took care of his servants like this? (Earlier in the year the father had alot of medical issues and a cancer scare and now his son,who's knocking on deaths door, is being operated on so he could live)

And this got me thinking....

In our own life we've tried to serve and follow Heavenly Father the best we can. We've prayed about certain decisions and followed the prompting that came to us that only later made us fall further from our goal.

But in the book the father later repents to his superior clergy guys. I'm not sure how the repentance process works in other religions so sorry for any mis-wordings. Anyways after talking to them he recalled a poem/story he heard about a boy....

(I couldn't find the poem on-line and I already returned the book back to the library so I'm going to just paraphrase the poem)

There was a boy who wanted to know where God was 
so he asked "God, where are you? I want to hear you"
then the loud sound of thunder came 
but the boy said, "God where are you? I can't hear you".

The boy asked, "God, where are you? I want to witness a miracle"
then a baby was born but he did not see it
so the boy said, "God where are you? I didn't see a miracle"

Then the boy asked, "God, where are you? I want to fell you"
then he felt the softest touch come from a butterfly
he pushed it aside and said, "God where are you? I can't feel you"

So at the end the father realized that Heavenly Father was with him always. Listening to his prayers. Listening to his vents. Showing his love to him continually.

So this got me back on track in my thinking.

God is blessing me with all that I need and want. I want to see God's hands so he sends this wonderful sunset. I want to feel his arms around me so he sends me a child who hugs me ALL THE TIME. I want to hear him so he sends comforting words from family, friends, prophets, apostles, neighbors, and complete strangers.

So I know where God is....he's everywhere. It only took me a rough week to realize this.

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