Saturday, September 22, 2012

Sneaky Date

With so much happening this weekend we could not find a sitter. Friends, family, Babysitting Co-Op, and YW were all busy this weekend.

But I was determined to spent some ALONE time with Mike. So I put on my thinking cap and the thought came to me.

*some might think it's tricky, sneaky, not truthful...
But desperate times call for desperate measures.

The local grocery store gives their customers 1 free hour of childcare in their playland. So...we took advantage of this little benefit.  We dropped the girls off and had a grocery store date. :-)

We're still customers.

Anyways for add some laughs I printed off a game that I seen on DatingDivas. It's their version of the gameshow, The Price is Right.  
It's a great grocery store date so it fit the occasion. 

I didn't have color ink so I just colored the border with some color pencils. worked :-)

We took a minute to fill out the cards then it was game time.
I thought I had an advantage since I do most of the grocery shopping but this wasn't the case. We went with the original prices and NOT the sale prices so my mind was somewhat confused. Oh well...

Mike won the game at the showcase showdown. I overbid by way too much. What can I say...the boy knows his electrics.
Afterwards we enjoyed a quick lunch date from the hot case.
 Really Gross but we were hungry so we covered everything in ketchup. Ketchup fixes everything! :-)
 Our grocery store date was really fun. It gave us a chance to laugh together, play together, and enjoy some non-kid conversation. It's wonderful what 1 hour can do.

After we picked up our girls we showed our thankfulness to the store by spending more money inside with our grocery shopping.

 Here's Mike entertaining them with the shopping cart train.

 They loved it so much that they didn't let go of the other cart the entire time. Luckily Mike knows how to steer long and large vehicles. So don't judge....this afternoon we killed 2 birds with 1 stone- Date and groceries.  I call that a great and successful afternoon- haha.... :-)

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